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When will I receive my order?

All orders placed before 3:00 pm (pst) will ship same day. Tracking number and order information will be e-mailed. If you need exact delivery time information/confirmation, we suggest that you call us toll free and place your order with one of our Radiator Experts. (888) 441-5880. Need order information now via email: Genesis Auto Parts Info

Radiator Construction Types

Plastic Aluminum Radiator

This is the most common radiator construction used by Original Equipment Manufacturers. The tanks are plastic and the core is aluminum. Our plastic aluminum radiators are made with the most advanced vacuum brazed ovens… same as your original radiator. Our factory uses the thickest and hardest aluminum that can be most efficiently brazed. We use the highest quality plastic and aluminum to ensure top quality and efficient cooling of your car's engine.

All Aluminum Performance Radiator

The radiator is made with aluminum tanks and aluminum core. All hand welded together for maximum strength and durability. Our All Aluminum Performance Radiators come with heavy duty cores for maximum cooling capacity but we also have standard duty cores too. In our heavy duty cores, we mix and match tube sizes to fit the thickest possible core into the radiator headers. This maximizes the core thickness while making sure that the radiator will drop right in your car without any further modifications. We are the only ones in the industry to offer this vari-tube design for maximum cooling. You can pick and choose whatever fits your cooling needs and budget. We carry many All Aluminum Performance Radiators for your Classic Car or Muscle Car as well as for many of the performance Import Cars. This is the same cooling technology used by racing cars like Nascar.

Plastic Copper Brass Radiator

This radiator is made with plastic tanks with a copper/brass core. The copper/brass core has a very efficient cooling capacity while the plastic tank ensures light weight. This construction method is the second oldest. It is a newer technology than the All Metal radiators but older than the Plastic Aluminum radiators.

All Metal Radiator

This radiator is made with copper brass tanks and core. The tank is soldered onto the core. This construction may be heavy but offers good durability and cooling. This is the oldest of construction technology but is still preferred by many customers due to the ease of future repair.

How to Install a Radiator

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